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I consider myself an entrepreneur, not a merchandiser or designer. In other words, I don't sell what other people design. My designs are either my own creations or custom designs (someone else's design I make) for the majority of my product mix. Therefore, I am sensitive to the creativity and quality of the items I produce. I believe in offering customers authentic products that capture and communicate their unique style and story through the apparel and accessories I make.

I'm passionate about creating space for customers to express their individual tastes, experiences, and dreams. From custom tee shirts and hoodies to baby blankets and onesies, I am dedicated to meeting every customer's design needs. I use a combination of the latest technologies and techniques from embroidery to screen printing and beyond to ensure that each product is crafted to the highest standard.

I also believe in empowering customers to tell their unique stories through their clothing. Through my own creative designs or custom order production, I strive to help customers make a statement. From individual pieces to large-scale orders, I enjoy customizing designs to tell each unique story in the apparel and accessories I create. Each customer has a unique journey and set of experiences, and I take pride in helping them express their individual style.

By creating original designs and offering custom printing services, I strive to help customers express their creativity and individuality. I take customer feedback seriously to ensure a fluid design process and streamline the process of selecting, ordering, and receiving products. Whether customers want an original design or a custom order, I'm dedicated to helping them create the apparel and accessories that represent their stories.

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